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Articles published

Dr. Jim Schul, assistant professor of education, has five recent articles published or accepted for publication. They include:

* Schul, J. & Montgomery, T. (2011) “Beyond Bedrock: The Case for Including

Desktop Documentary Making in the Development of History Teachers.” Publilshed in The Southern Social Studies Journal, 36(2), 39-58.

* Schul, J. (2011) “Unintended Consequences: Fundamental Flaws That Plaque the No Child Left Behind Act” in the eJournal of Education Policy

* Schul, J. (In Press) “In Another American Skin: Development of Empathy Through

Desktop Documentary Making,”  accepted by Social Studies Research and


* Schul, J. (In Press) “Ensuing Dog Fight: The AHA Commission on the Social

Studies’ Testing Controversy,”  accepted by The Journal of Educational Administration and History.

In addition, the following book review was recently published: Schul, J. (2011) “Review of Social Studies Today: Research and Practice by Walter C. Parker.” Education Review, 14.