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Incoming student numbers increase

Sep 14, 2011

Ohio Northern University announced a 14 percent increase this year in incoming students and an overall jump in new enrollment for all five of its colleges for the 2011-12 academic year.
A total of 1,283 new students enrolled at Ohio Northern this year, compared to last year’s total of 1,127 incoming new students. ONU reports a total enrollment of 3,611 this year, compared to 3,570 in 2010.
Fifteen percent of the entering undergraduate class comes from diverse backgrounds, compared to 13 percent last year. This increase demonstrates ONU’s commitment to growing a more diverse student population. In addition, ONU’s out-of-state enrollment increased by 2 percent.
“The new entering undergraduate class is comprised of students from 23 states beyond Ohio, as well as international students from eight countries,” said Karen Condeni, vice president and dean of enrollment. “This new class is not only very academically talented, but also involved and committed to a wide range of out-of-classroom activities and leadership roles. Additionally this year, there is a 44 percent increase in transfer students, as Ohio Northern continues its outreach to students arriving with advanced credits.”
ONU also continues to attract some of the best students in the nation. The average ACT composite for Ohio Northern’s incoming freshmen is 26.5; the national average is 21.1 percent. These academically motivated students represent 67 percent of the top 25 percent of their high school classes.

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