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Biology professors author textbook

“Microbiology Case Studies,” a new textbook by Drs. Rodney Anderson and Linda Young, professors of biological sciences, is scheduled to be released in October.

The first edition text developed and evolved to meet three pedagogical goals for those studying allied health and are pre-professional. The use of microbiology case studies were modified to maintain their value as tools that result in critical thinking and knowledge retention while providing a more realistic context for preparing future health care professionals. Consequently, the text has real life, personally-oriented microbiology cases appropriate for those in nursing, pharmacy, and other allied health disciplines (pre-med, pre-PA, CLS, etc.). This format presents material as a story about the patient as well as information regarding their family circumstances, personal characteristics, and individual motivations.

Microbiology Case Studies: A Personal Approach, 1st Edition

by Rodney Anderson, Linda Young

ISBN 978-0-470-63122-5

Wiley & Sons

October 2011, ©2012

Paperback, 160 pages