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'Bright Future


Since founding in 1885, Ohio Northern University’s Claude W. Pettit College of Law has garnered its fair share of accolades. It is the second oldest of the nine Ohio law schools and a founding member of the Ohio League of Law Schools. Its graduates have helped shaped the state and the nation as legislators and judges, and notable alumni include three United States Senators, the youngest attorney general in Ohio’s history and three justices of Ohio’s Supreme Court.

But not until Daniel Bey J.D. `11, LL.M. `11, did the college produce a Fulbright Scholar.

Bey has received a Fulbright Scholarship Research Grant. Bey will use the grant to travel to Pristina, Kosovo, for the 2011-12 academic year to develop proposals for changes that better meet the needs of the Kosovo legal profession.
Bey will research recent efforts to regulate the legal profession through the development of national bar standards. He will compare proposals from international organizations, including the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, to responses of surveys conducted of Kosovo legal practitioners.

“As a Fulbrighter, I will have the chance to forge links between the United States and the world's newest democracy,” he said. “The personal and professional experiences I gain will help to broaden my worldview and impact my career in the legal profession.”

Bey received both his J.D. (with high distinction) and LL.M. from the College of Law in spring 2011 as a member of the first class to graduate from ONU’s concurrent J.D./LL.M. program in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law. As part of this program, Bey spent his first summer in the program interning for U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan in Washington, D.C., and his second summer with the Ministry of Justice in Kigali, Rwanda.

“I could never have received the Fulbright grant without the support provided by the LL.M. program and its faculty. The international experience I gained getting my LL.M. made the difference in my application and has equipped me with the confidence and expertise necessary to carry out my own research project,” said Bey.
While at ONUBey served as the symposium editor on the Law Review Board and as the 2010-11 president of the ONU chapter of the Federalist Society. He also took part in the Icelandic Legal Exchange Program as both a host and representative. He received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Wittenberg University in 2008.
The Democratic Governance and Rule of Law LL.M. program at ONU has graduated more than 40 young lawyers from more than 25 different emerging democracies since its beginning in 2006. There currently are 18 American law students enrolled in the concurrent J.D./LL.M. program.
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the J. William Fulbright Program awards grants to university professors and students. It is the largest U.S. international exchange program offering opportunities for students, scholars, and professionals to undertake international graduate study and advanced research worldwide. The Fulbright Program was established in 1946 by the U.S. Congress to “enable the government of the United States to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.”