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Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences - Class of 2016

The student participation in Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs) allows for the chance to observe direct patient interaction and to better understand the roles and responsibilities of a pharmacist from early on in the curriculum.

In the first and second years of the profession of pharmacy course students will participate in out of class shadowing activities which introduce the role of the pharmacist and the health care team.  These activities will allow students to better understand and appreciate the role of the pharmacists as a health-care provider and how pharmacy as a profession/professional works with other health-care professionals. In addition to the shadowing experience, students write a reflective paper to give insight to the experience and how ties to other experiences and how it impacts their future as a pharmacist.

The summer between the 2nd and 3rd professional year students will participate in 80 hours of a Community Pharmacy Practice experience (with all placement coordinated by the Office of Experiential Education). In the summer between the 3rd and 4th professional year the student will participate in 80 hours of Institutional Pharmacy Practice experiences (also coordinated by the Office of Experiential Education).  Students will be provided with educational outcomes for each practice site.  Students will also be asked to write a reflective paper about each experience.

During the pharmacy curriculum student will be expected to participate in community outreach activities.  Community Outreach is a byproduct of the profession of pharmacy and allows student to provide hand-on service, as well as, utilizing the classroom knowledge to provide information for patient’s cares and needs while enhancing the students’ communication skills and gain exposure working with a diverse population. Along with meeting the needs within the community, community outreach promotes civic responsibility and educating the public.

Students will need to complete all 300 hours of IPPE experiences before beginning the Advance Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE).  The APPEs will occur during the student’s 6th year.

All students are required to accumulate 300 hours:

        Must have 80 Community hours

        Must have 80 Institutional hours

        Must have 55 Simulation hours (provided in classroom activities)

        Must have 20 Professional Meeting hours

        Must have 40 Community Outreach hours

        Must have 5 hours of Patient Interview (Part of classroom activities)

        Must have 15 hours of Interdisciplinary Health Care Shadowing (part of POP course)

        Must have 5 hours of Pharmacists Shadowing (part of POP course)


Elective Experiences: (these hours can replace hours from the professional meetings category)

Extra Professional Meetings                                  maximum of 5 hours

Extra Outreach Programs                                      maximum of 10 hours

Specialized Pharmacy Practice                             maximum of 40 hours

Advocacy                                                         maximum of 10 hours