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Her time to help

Kelly Morman, a senior political science major from Monroeville, Ohio, has finished an internship in Washington, D.C., with the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP). During her time in D.C., she worked with the education policy office, which exclusively addresses education issues.

Morman spent a significant portion of her time attending policy briefings on education issues such as teacher and principal evaluations, technology in rural education settings, positive student body image, and others that required memos summarizing the presentations for the staff members.

Other projects involved conducting research for staff members on issues such as parental involvement in Individual Education Plans for children with disabilities.

“Additionally, just working with the U.S. Senate and walking past senators discussing legislation that has the power to make a difference in peoples’ lives is an incredible experience,” she says.

Morman received her opportunity with HELP after much research and soul-searching, plus a lot of help from the College of Arts & Sciences.

“One day last summer, it hit me to look at the congressional committees that addressed education issues,” she says. “When I went to the HELP website and saw that they had internships, I knew that I found what I wanted.”

Morman then worked closely with Mary Drzycimski-Finn, assistant to the dean for student success, to perfect and submit her application.

After graduating this spring, Morman will train in Cleveland, Miss., to become a corps member of Teach For America. Following this five-week experience, she will begin a two-year commitment to teach secondary Spanish at a school in Arkansas or Mississippi.

“What I have learned and been exposed to during my internship has moved me to give back and help bring an end to the achievement gap that is present in our schools.”