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Incoming students signal strong 2011 freshman class

Friday, July 8, is the final orientation for incoming ONU students. Karen Condeni, vice president and dean of enrollment, says “the first two orientations held in June saw over 440 students complete registrations. The July 8 event is will add over 190 more students putting advanced registrations over 630, keeping ahead of last year by 9 percent. There will be additional students coming to register individually leading up to classes beginning in August.”

She went on to say, “The prospects for a larger and very talented new undergraduate class are looking positive. Deposits (intentions to enroll) are ahead of last year by over 12 percent and over 6 percent compared to 2009. 

“The qualities of this year's class are outstanding and mirror last year's best qualified class ever. In terms of test scores (ACT= 26.6, SAT=1200) and overall high school GPA of 3.70, excellent students are enrolling.  Additionally, 2 percent more are from beyond Ohio and diverse students, both domestic and international are represented in greater numbers and backgrounds.

“Students transferring into ONU are also ahead of previous years. There are talented musicians, artists, athletes, actors, leaders and an overall commitment to out-of-classroom activities involving service and commitment. The Class of 2011 promises to strengthen the overall student body bringing energy and enthusiasm to a new school year.”

Undergraduate classes will begin Aug. 22 with the University beginning a semester schedule.