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Religious Life


Christian worship involves encountering God and recognizing that we are a community called by God through Christ. In our worship, we offer honor and reverence to God through our prayer, praise and proclamation. We welcome God's words of comfort and challenge and in response to God's love, we offer to each other respect, encouragement and support.


Our spirituality is a measure of our spiritual maturity, which results from our spiritual growth. We grow spiritually as we love God, by serving God and we serve God by loving our neighbor. Here are some ways to both reflect on and practice that love:


Fellowship is defined as, "The condition of sharing similar interests, ideals or experiences, as by reason of profession, religion or nationality. The companionship of individuals in a congenial atmosphere and on equal terms." As children of God, we are connected by the spirit of God in each of us. We are further connected by our faith, our major and our interests, giving rise to fellowship with one another.


The Bible puts it this way: "Faith without works is dead." So we serve others to keep God's spirit vibrant and alive in us.



Organization Worship Spirituality Fellowship Service
Ada Friends     X X
Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International   X X X
Christian Legal Society   X X X
Fellowship of Christian Athletes   X X X
Fusion X X X  
Habitat for Humanity   X X X
Kappa Phi X X X X
Muslim Student Organization X X X X
Newman Club X X X X
Northern Christian Fellowship X X X X
ONU Pro-Life   X X X
Pre-Seminarians   X X  
Sigma Theta Epsilon X X X X
Technology Team     X X
Volunteers in Mission       X