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Mathematics and statistics faculty and students present papers at Youngstown State University

Senior mathematics majors, Molly Eickholt, Dublin, Ohio, and Kristin Elix, Englewood, Ohio, and junior statistics major, Dave Mangus, Canfield, Ohio, presented papers at the recent spring meeting of the Ohio Section of the Mathematics Association of America (MAA).  

Those three presentations, capped off by a presentation by Kris Rosendale, visiting instructor in mathematics, made up an “All ONU” session Saturday morning at the event held at Youngstown State University.  

Eickholt’s presentation, “Simplifying Ford Links,” dealt with a class of knots related to Ford sequences.  Elix’s paper, “Maximizing The Product of Two Multi-Digit Numbers,” extended work of previous authors on projects for teaching secondary school mathematics. Both of these papers developed out of their capstone experiences.  

Mangus’ presentation, “Ways in Which I Was Wrong,” dealt with his attempts to understand a problem in constrained prime factorizations.  Rosendale’s paper was “Development of a First-Semester Transition Course for Freshmen,” which presented the main strategies involved in designing a TREX course, centered on the mathematics of personal finance, for incoming freshmen at ONU.  

“It is fairly uncommon to have a session at the MAA sectional meetings devoted to presentations from members of only one institution, so an ‘All ONU’ session certainly has contributed to making Northern’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics quite well-known in the region,” says William Fuller, associate professor of mathematics. “Congratulations and kudos to all involved!”