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DCBA Mentorship Program


                                                                                            2011-12 Mentorship Program

The partnership between alumni and current students can be a dynamic, productive relationship for both the student and the alumni!  We invite you to participate in our mentoring program aimed to help The James F. Dicke College of Business Administration students as they continue their academic pursuits and start their career planning process.


  • As an alumnus of the College of Business Administration, by providing your insight into the coursework and academic integrity needed to succeed during, and after, a student's time at ONU;
  • By providing feedback on trends, within your professional field, to assist students in their career planning process;
  • Help students with questions regarding potential professional organizations that can impact their career, networking opportunities and how to deal with ethical issues.



  • QUESTION:  "If I volunteer, how many students will I have to mentor?"
  • ANSWER:  That is entirely up to you. Typically, we expect an alumnus to mentor at least one student during the academic year.  If you feel that you can positively impact more than one student, let's discuss that option.

  • QUESTION:  "How often will I have to meet face to face with my mentee?"
  • ANSWER:  As often as is feasible. We encourage 2-3 meetings per year, if possible. With the emergence of technologies, such as Skype and FaceTime, this is another great way to engage your mentee! With the various academic and social events scheduled throughout the year, this may allow for meetings on campus and near your geographic area.

  • QUESTION:  "How will the College of Business Administration match mentors to a mentee?"
  • ANSWER:  We will attempt to match mentors and mentees based on factors such as: geography (to help facilitate face to face meetings), academic majors and professional/career paths. Ultimately, we want these relationships to be a success and to be beneficial for each participant.

  • QUESTION:  "How will I know who I've been selected to mentor?"
  • ANSWER:  After completing the informational form on the next page, College of Business Administration staff will work to make a match that closely fits your experiences and professional areas. Once a match is made, we will send you and your mentee an email detailing the match, including important contact information."

  • QUESTION:  "Once I've been matched with a mentee, what do I do?"
  • ANSWER:  There are many options here. Initially, scheduling a time to "meet" with your mentee (face to face or via technology), discuss what each of you are interested in and how you can help each other. Discussing expectations for each member is a great start. A short guide on professional mentoring is provided by AICPA.ORG at: 


If you have questions or want to discuss the program further, please contact Matt Lambdin, director of experiential learning, at 419-772-2609.