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“Influence and Divergence” Exhibit Continues “Latitude: A&D @ 50” Celebration

The Ohio Northern University’s Elzay Gallery of Art is proud to present the exhibition, “Influence and Divergence: The Work of Professor James DeVore and Laura Barnhardt Corle.” The exhibition showcases the work created by the artist-professor and his student-alumna, and examines the philosophical connections on technique, subject matter and content.

The exhibit of paintings by Prof. James H. DeVore, a retired art professor from Ohio Northern, and 1977 BFA graduate Laura Barnhardt Corle is on display Friday, March 18 through Sunday, April 17. An artist reception is planned for Sunday, March 20 starting at 2 p.m. in the Wilson Art Center on the campus of Ohio Northern. The Elzay Gallery of Art is located on Gilbert Street and is connected to the Wilson Art Center, the classroom-studio building that houses the department of art & design.

Gallery Director Melissa Eddings explained, “Exhibiting the instructor and student/alumna’s works together points out the teacher-student influences and relationships integral to our educational program and to the success of our alumni.”

The exhibition coincides with the department’s celebration of its 50th anniversary of the art major. This special, yearlong series of exhibitions, lectures and special events recognizes the work of its faculty members, the success of its graduates, and the tremendous growth in the program’s reputation in the art & design communities.

“If I could pick one artist who influenced me the most,” explained Laura, “it would be Jim Devore. There’s a handful whose influence allowed me to go into this chartered territory and to find my place as an artist.”

“[Ohio Northern art professors] Tom Gordon, John West, Bruce Chesser and Jim DeVore [were a] group of men who taught me more than they ever realized. But Jim DeVore was the one to whom I owe my interest in watercolors, right down to the choice of colors in my John Pike Palette.”

Laura expounded, “If I’m asked who I’d want to have my artwork exhibited with, I’d have to say my biggest thrill would be to have my art in an exhibit with Jim DeVore—especially the quiet way he sees and translates images onto 300 lb wt. d’Arches watercolor paper. He taught me to see a whole image in terms of Burnt Sienna mixed with Ultra Marine Blue—with maybe one other color. That to limit my palette broadened the depths of how people could see into my work and strengthened the connection from what I see through synapses then off my fingertips and to paper, then into a viewer’s eyes… and into their mind.”

Prof. James H. DeVore received his Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degrees from Ohio University and taught for 37 years in the Ohio public school system, at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, and at Ohio Northern University before retiring in 1997.

He is currently a member of the Central Ohio Watercolor Society and the Ohio Watercolor Society, where he served as recording secretary and on the Board of Trustees. He has exhibited in various local, state, and national exhibitions, some of which include the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Central and Western Ohio Watercolor Societies’ exhibits, the Ohio Watercolor Society, Adirondack National Exhibitions of America, Canton Art Institute, Toledo Museum of Art, Everhart Museum in Pennsylvania, Dayton Art Institute, Mansfield Art Center, All-Ohio Painting and Sculpture Biennial, Northwestern Ohio Artist exhibit in the governor’s mansion, Huntington Galleries in West Virginia, Precision Gallery, Online Computer Library Center, Combs Gallery and the Monypeny Gallery in Columbus, Zanesville Art Center, Cain Gallery in Chicago, and ADI Galleries in San Francisco and Tokyo.

He has published several articles in national art publications, including an article entitled “Painting Atmospheric Effects in Watercolor” in American Artist magazine, “Yankee Realism” in Gallery, a book entitled Watercolor Paintings published by Ohio Northern University Press, and an article entitled “A Brief History of Watercolor Painting” in Polaris. There is an article on his life and work in Allied Publications Prize-Winning Graphics.

Laura Barnhardt Corle (BFA ’77) is currently an adjunct instructor in art at Ohio Northern where she teaches in the nursing completion program at Blanchard Valley Hospital. She has been with ONU since 2006. She is also a free-lance artist in the Findlay area, and teaches eight-week watercolor classes in her studio. Laura exhibits locally, regionally and nationally. Her work has been accepted in countless art shows. She also has participated in many art fairs and festivals such as the Ann Arbor Art Fair and the Black Swamp Arts Festival. She is a member of the Findlay Art League and has a studio in the Jones Building in Findlay.

The 2010–11 academic year marks the 50th anniversary of the Bachelor of Arts degree in art at Ohio Northern University. Growing from a single-discipline school, the department offers both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees with majors in advertising design, art education, graphic design and studio arts with concentrations in two-dimensions, three-dimensions and art therapy. The department of A&D holds memberships in national organizations such as the National Art Education Association, College Art Association, Foundations in Art: Theory and Education and the National Council on Education of Ceramic Arts. The department is also recognized in the second and third editions of “Creative Colleges: A Guide for Student Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians and Writers” as one of the best creative programs nationwide. For additional information about the department of art & design or the University’s 2010-11 Arts Exhibition Season, contact the department at 419.772.2160.

image: Professor James DeVore standing next to his painting “The Farm” and to Laura’s recent work “E.”