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Victoria Brake

The AIGA/Gain conference in New York was such an enlightening experience. The energetic atmosphere of the city and being surrounded by so many talented designers from the business world made for a great, productive weekend.

There’s a difference between simply viewing a branding solution or an eco-friendly architectural building on your own versus listening firsthand from the designer. Most talked about the process and decisions. I came to see how much passion and thoughtfulness they put into everything they created. I especially enjoyed listening to Marije Vogelzang speak about her work as a “food designer” because it correlated so much with my own research that I have been doing for my senior capstone project.

By the end of the conference, I had a sketchbook filled with copious scribbles of notes and ideas from every session. I was fortunate to come home with new inspirations and motivations!

Victoria Brake
senior graphic design major from Forest, Ohio