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Roger Young

I thoroughly enjoyed the AIGA/Gain 2010 conference held in New York. My two favorite presenters were Jonathan Harris and David Droga of Droga5.

Jonathan Harris was an artist/programmer who mixed visual arts with computer language to create his interactive works. His website ( includes a portfolio of work explaining his solutions. During his presentation, he dramatically talked about how he got to this point in his life. He was robbed at gunpoint while traveling and lost almost a year’s worth of sketchbooks and research. Shortly after that experience, he went through severe depression. It wasn’t until years later that he was able to work again, and he equated the creative process to his past agonies. He showed the relationship between technology and the outer world. To be a good coder you need to be a person who understands feelings and emotions. His talk of mixing emotions and technology was an interesting aspect to me since I also enjoy programming.

David Droga was the other designer I was most inspired by. He was an advertising designer and created the agency Droga5 in 2006. His agency was best known for their use of viral videos. They’ve created campaigns for Ecko Unlimited, Puma and several other large companies. They design communities around their videos where people can interact with each other. I enjoyed their work because instead of conforming to the usual way advertisements are filmed and distributed, they chose a different route using unique methods of viral videos which also helped save companies money.

Roger Young
Junior graphic design major from Waynesfield, Ohio