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My dream come true

By Betsi Werling, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

I have watched Oprah most of my life and really respect her for all the work she does in the world and how she impacts others. I have been literally trying for years to attend a taping of the show, and on January 6, 2010 I saw my opportunity when Oprah's website had the ticket reservation line open. 

So on this particular day, I decided to email friends, co-workers, and family asking to request tickets for the upcoming shows in January. This is the first time I have ever asked others to apply with me. Kacy Duling, coordinator of operations for financial aid, Lori Shea, assistant director of financial aid and Melanie Weaver, director of financial aid all applied with me and on Saturday, January 8, 2010, we received notice that we were able to attend the Thursday, January 20th taping. It was a dream come true for me. I think all of us were in shock because it is her 25th and final season on air.

The day was amazing. You check in through security and they check phones and cameras and search your purses. You are not permitted to have any type of filming device on you. You are then escorted to a holding room. It was like waiting to get on a roller-coaster. At 12:15 p.m., we were escorted to the studio. When we walked in, we were motioned to sit right behind the stage on Oprah's side. So we were in the 3rd and 4th row, right behind Oprah. The show was on happiness and the visitor that day was Goldie Hawn. Although we won't be seen on television, it was a memory that all of us will cherish. 

I still cannot believe we got tickets!