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Prof. Elsass Contributes to Textbook Ancillaries

Prof. Art Elsass, was selected to provide PowerPoint presentations for the new edition of the textbook, Management Information Systems by James O’Brien and George Marakas, published by McGraw Hill and released in October.  Elsass commented “I had contacted the publisher’s agent about improvements and corrections for the previous edition, so I was pleased when they approached me about doing the presentations for the new edition.  It took a significant amount of time during the summer to complete the project, but was very a satisfying experience.”

Prof. Elsass is the instructor for the Management Information Systems and Personal Computer Applications courses in the James F. Dicke College of Business Administration.    Elsass is the author of a book “Microsoft Office 2007 – A Guide to Using Outlook, Word, Excel, and Access” and is currently working on a new book on using Microsoft Office 2010.