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ONU ID Needed for Sports Center Entry

Entry to the ONU Sports Center, along with the fitness room and weight room, now requires a valid ONU ID Card. The north main entry behind the flag pole and the south entry, third door from right, next to the fitness room, are the two exterior entries. It may not be necessary to remove your ID Card from your wallet, just scan it and the door unlocks.
Current employees who do not have an ONU ID with the current logo, received after 2002, can visit the Office of the Controller to upgrade your ID Card free of charge. If you have misplaced your card, you can purchase a replacement card at the Office of the Controller for a $25 charge.

Retirees or employees who would like access for a spouse can stop at the Sports Center and ask for the non-employee ID card form from the desk monitor at the North Main Entrance or see Rosie Hoersten at the second floor reception desk. Take this form to the Office of the Controller and purchase an ONU ID Card.
A valid ONU ID Card gets the bearer of the card and one guest entry to the Sports Center. The guest must accompany the card bearer at all times. Children are permitted to enter with you but they must too be accompanied at all times and are not permitted in the weight room or fitness room. Please do not ask custodial staff or campus security to open doors for you. Do not prop doors or allow others access to the building.
Individuals who have a key to the Sports Center, weight room and fitness room,  are asked not to use them. The security system only works if those doors remain locked. Failure to comply with these policies will result in suspension of Sports Center privileges.