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The Mega Byte Self: Re-creation of the Self in a Virtual World

Bethany Jones
Ohio Northern University

The importance of technology, more specifically computers, in everyday life has become increasingly apparent. The rise of the Internet has added new and easier ways to research, communicate, shop, and entertain. Where individuals were once content to spend time writing an actual letter or sit around the table and play cards and board games, technology has moved to e-mail and computer games that they can have with the click of a button. However with this increase in technology, addiction to the internet and more specifically, video games, has been born and waved a red flag in society. The appearance of games such as Everquest® has given people the ability to create a virtual self and choose how they want to be portrayed physically and socially. An investigation must be made into what causes these individuals to wish to recreate themselves and what factors have a role in how they portray their virtual “self”.

North Central Sociological Association’s Annual Meeting