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Emotional Reaction to Face Message Consistency

LeighAnn Scheidler and Elizabeth M Bajusz
Ohio Northern University

Using a 2x2 within subjects design, this study examined whether negative or positive words were recalled more when paired with congruent or incongruent faces. Thirty-nine college-aged participants, of which 15 were males and 24 were females, viewed 32 slides, with eight slides for each of the four conditions, a positive face with a  positive word, a positive face with a negative word, a negative face with a positive word, and a negative face with a negative word. It was found that face type and the interaction between word type and face type had no significant impact on word recall. However, positive words were recalled significantly more than negative words, which did not fit the hypothesis that negative words, matched with a congruent face, would be recalled the most. This implies that only the emotion of words, and not the emotion of faces, has an effect on memory.

2010 Student Research Colloquium
Psychology and Sociology