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Poster Competition



Poster Format

You have 2 minutes to present your idea and 3 minutes to answer questions from the judges. It is recommended that you or your team follow this format:

1.    SO WHAT?  Tell people about your idea? Does it solve a problem? How does it fix the problem?  Is it something that will change the world for the better? How?  This is your problem statement.

2.    WHO CARES?  Who are you going to sell this to or who will it impact (customer)? How much do you think you can charge for the product?  Who else is already selling or providing the product (competition)?  What makes your idea better or different (unique selling point)?  How much will it cost to launch? (startup expenses)  This is part of your concept.

3.    WHY YOU?  What skills, traits or experience do you have that will make this successful?  This is also part of your concept.

4.    THE ASK.  What do you need from the audience?  Help developing the product? Help launching the business?  Help with financing?

5.    Posters should include: Business or product name, problem statement, concept, and The Ask.  A handout with the following information is also required:  a brief executive summary, student name, adviser’s name, and contact information for each. 

Scoring Guidelines for Poster Competition

100 points per judge based on content and delivery.  Scores will be averaged to determine the winners.

·      Content of Presentation

o   Greeting/Identity(5) – established an immediate connection to judges; clearly identified self and role in business.

o   Concept (35) – Creatively, concisely, and clearly communicated the idea. 

o   Follow Up(10) – Clearly and knowledgeably answered questions.  Clearly communicated contact information.

·      Poster

o   Concept (20) – Clearly communicates and supports your presentation.

o   Presentation (15) – Appropriate use of graphics; no spelling or grammar errors; and included all the content requirements.

·      Delivery

o   Confidence/Energy(5) – Spontaneous, natural and engaged.  On time, prepared, and logical flow to presentation.

o   Body Language/ Non Verbal Cues(5)- Appropriately dressed and posture during presentation.  Effective use of facial expressions, gestures, and eye contact.

o   Voice/Speech(5) – Used appropriate volume, pitch and tone.  Clearly enunciated speech with appropriate level of vocabulary.