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Theta's Got Talent

by Lyndsey Robison

Homecoming weekend is finally upon us and as the campus buzzes with returning alumni, I face the task of planning my weekend activities. Of course, the football game is at the top of the list, as is mingling with sisters who have returned to campus. And there is no way I'm missing the Balloon Glow or the fireworks on the Tundra Saturday night. But what about getting up early to watch the parade floats roll down Main Street?

Most people probably don't realize the preparation and hard work goes into creating a parade float. I know I didn't. But this year, I was able to experience this first hand with my Kappa Alpha Theta sisters as we created our float for the ONU Homecoming parade. Being in the parade is special, and we want to make sure we look good!

Each sisterhood on campus has a lot of pride in their letters and the parade is another way for us to display our spirit. Alpha Xi Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha and Delta Zeta all have put work into their open houses, cookouts and other homecoming events, but the parade is a chance to show the whole community who we are. Some other float themes of the sororities are “Alpha Xi’s Got Talent” and a Hollywood Movie theme which is based off of the “ONU’s Got Talent” theme. In the past, all of the sororities have done a great job decorating their floats and spreading ONU spirit and this year, it will be fun to see what the sororities have in store for everyone.

These types of activities always serve as sisterhood bonding for us and turn into a good time with a lot of picture-taking and music. Putting together a float takes more than just one person; it’s a group effort that gets everyone excited for the Homecoming weekend. I know for us and the other sisterhoods on campus, it is important for us to showcase our current members to the alumni for them to see what we have been doing and how hard we have been working to get to where we are as a chapter.

So, when we roll down Main Street and our alumni see our float, there won't be any doubt that "Theta's Got Talent!"