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Students, Professors Present Papers at Meeting of Anthropologists and Sociologists

Four students from ONU’s Department of Psychology and Sociology presented papers at the annual meeting of the Anthropologists and Sociologists of Kentucky, held at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia Kentucky on Oct. 1-2.

 Seth Adelman, a junior in psychology from Monroeville, Ohio,  presented the paper “The Loss of Recess and the Potential Effects on Young Students.”

Deanna Apicella, a junior in sociology from Dublin, Ohio,  presented the paper “World of Warcraft, Gender and the Virtual Self.” 

Rachael Frigo, a senior in psychology and sociology, from Lake Forest, Ill., presented the paper “The Effects of Sex on Female Identity.”

Molly Seaman, a senior in psychology and sociology from Ashland, Ohio, presented “Juvenile Sex Offenders: Explaining the Unexplainable.”  

At the conference, Keith F. Durkin, professor of sociology and chair of the Department of Psychology and Sociology delivered the keynote address , “The Dawn of a New Era: Renewed Prospects for the Sociology of Deviance in the Internet Age”

Robert Carothers, associate professor of sociology presented the paper “Next  Stop Miami: Potential for Celebration Riots in the NBA.”


Pictured above, from left, are Rachael Frigo, Molly Seaman, Deanna Apicella and Seth Adelman.