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‘Community Development and the Rhetoric of Hate’

The Department of Philosophy and Religion will present a lecture by Dr. Verna Ehret, Mercyhurst College, at 7 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 14 in Dicke 230.

Ehret, a theologian who teaches courses in Christian theology, Islam and religious ethics, will speak on “Community Development and the Rhetoric of Hate.”

In describing the presentation, Ehret says, ““Particularly in the United States, anti-Muslim rhetoric has been escalating within the context of associating Islam with terrorism. Most of what one reads about the rise of religious nationalism is connected to that phenomenon in Islamic countries, but the same can be said of the U.S. The question then becomes: if one speaks within the context of a religious community with a basic value system of loving God and loving neighbor, and yet it is that same tradition that becomes the stronghold of hate speech and hate actions, how does one go about building community? 

“A pluralistic nation like the United States stands or falls on whether or not it is possible to build some sense of belonging to the community and a responsibility for it. This activity is undermined by current hate speech, which seems to prevent any kind of discussion. So then how do we discuss it? The presentation will frame the question, give some details or examples, pose some possibilities, but then shoot for a discussion on this topic of how community is created and what community looks like.”

The lecture is fee and open to the public.