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Education Articles Published

Dr. James Schul,
 assistant  professor education, is the author of four articles that have been, or will be published in peer-reviewed journals, during 2010.

“The Mergence of CHAT with TPCK: A New Framework for
 Researching the Integration of Desktop Documentary Making in History
 Teaching and Learning,”  has been published in Technology, Humanities, Education & Narrative (THEN).

“Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: An Experienced 
History Teacher’s Integration of Desktop Documentary Making,” has been published in
 The Journal of Technology in Teaching and Learning.

Soon to be published is “Revisiting An Old Friend: The Practice and Promise of
 Cooperative Learning for the 21st Century,” in The Social Studies, apremier practitioner’s journal in the field of social studies education.

Schul and Greg Hamot, professor of social studies education at the University of Iowa, are authors of  “An Engaged Pragmatist: Uncovering and
 Assessing Ernest Horn’s View of Moral Education,” which is scheduled to appear in The Journal of Social
 Studies Research.

The paper is about Ernest Horn, a curriculum and instruction professor at Iowa during the early part of 20th century.  It is the only known piece about this significant educator.