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Person Publishes Sixth Book

The Deuteronomic History"The Deuteronomic History and the Book of Chronicles: Scribal Works in an Oral World," the sixth book by Dr. Raymond F. Person Jr., professor of religion and chair of the department of philosophy and religion, is now available.

Published by the Society of Biblical Literature, the largest international professional society for biblical scholars, the book reexamines and reconstructs the relationship between the Deuteronomic History and the book of Chronicles, building on recent developments such as the Persian-period dating of the Deuteronomic History, the contribution of oral traditional studies to understanding the production of biblical texts, and the reassessment of the relationship of Standard Biblical Hebrew and Late Biblical Hebrew.

These new perspectives challenge widely held understandings of the relationship between the two scribal works and strongly suggest that they were competing historiographies during the Persian period that nevertheless descended from a common source. This new reconstruction leads to new readings of the literature.


Paper $26.95 • 218 pages • ISBN 9781589835177 • Ancient Israel and Its Literature • Hardback edition