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City of Seoul

Just finished my first week here in Seoul.  It's an amazing city.  People here don't often see foreigners so they are often excited when they see us..  The other day I went to city hall to watch the Korean soccer team play in the world cup and when people saw me they began to give me high fives and hugs.  When i got off a waterslide with three other international students at Hanyang a man who was perfoming tricks for those standing in line started a USA chant.

The food here has been good.  It's very different but I don't think anyones has been starving.  They do have some American fastfood.  I've seen Pizza Hut, Subway and McDonalds.  The cool thing is that McDonalds delivers here.  I haven't ordered any yet, but i plan to do so at least once before leaving Seoul.

I have to go.  The international students are about to go watch a Korean baseball game.  One of the teams is the LG Twins.  i'm not sure who they are playing but a majority of the teams have the same names as MLB teams in the US.