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Professor Receives Grant from National Science Foundation

Jun 10, 2010

Dr. Vemuru with studentsDr. Srinivasa R. Vemuru, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Ohio Northern University, will use a $23,112 grant from the National Science Foundation to establish a laboratory at the T.J. Smull College of Engineering for the development of computationally intensive algorithms and the use of commercial CAD tools for testing digital and analog VLSI, FPGAs and advanced semiconductor devices.

Titled “Digital/VLSI Test and Reliable Computing Research Laboratory,” Vemeru’s research project was a collaborative effort with the University of Toledo.

“Testing represents one of the major manufacturing costs in the semiconductor industry,” Vemuru said. “As transistor sizes shrink in integrated circuits, the failure of components due to process variations increases. Designing circuits with testability features significantly reduces testing costs and time. The project research activities address efficient techniques to implement test methodologies and implement reliable circuits.”

ONU student and faculty researchers will also have remote and physical access to facilities at the University of Toledo, where a computational and testing facility is being set up.

Some of the collaborative research projects being carried out at ONU and University of Toledo laboratories include Novel Testing Techniques for Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA) circuits; Built In Self Test (BIST) for Embedded Cores in System on Chips; Testing Look-Up-Table (LUT) Delay Aliasing Faults in SRAM Based FPGAs Using Half-Frequencies; Analysis and Testing of Electromigration Failures; Testing and Modeling Soft Errors in FPGAs; Reliability Analysis and Device Failures in Advanced Semiconductor Devices; Reliability Issues Related to Power Consumption in VLSI Chips during Test; and Small Delay Defects and Test Generation.