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Alumni Weekend Features the Work of ONU Graduate Laurie Godfrey

Laurie  GodfreyThe recent work of Laurie Godfrey (BFA ’05) will be on display at Ohio Northern University’s Elzay Gallery of Art June 4–5. After Alumni Weekend, the exhibit will continue through the month of June by appointment (by calling the Wilson Art Center at 419.772.2160). The exhibition will honor Laurie and the class of 1960 as they celebrate their 50th class reunion. The show is free and open to the public from noon–6p.m.

A reception for Laurie and for the class of 1960 will be held from 5:15p.m. until 6p.m. Friday, June 4 in the Elzay Gallery and the lobby of the Wilson Art Center. Light refreshments will be served.

As a printmaker, photographer and digital media artist from Columbus, Ohio, Laurie's outlook is continually evolving as the nature of print is challenged and redefined by technology. Her digital c-prints are photographic documentations of her explorations with interconnection, systems and metamorphosis.

“It is through personal experiences that I feel events in life are not mere coincidences, but serendipitous in nature,” explains Laurie. “I believe we exist in a system of actions and reactions, interconnected by forces that are beyond our understanding. Through process, my work examines the directional forces that guide our existence, the relationship between internal and external influence, and the by-product of that exchange of energy.”

“In a present moment, the photograph records the events of the past, and implies those to follow,” Laurie continues. “The photograph is an encapsulation of my concept in a single moment, visually conveying the qualities of energy, interconnection, and metamorphosis. The fluid nature of my work expresses a feeling of kinetic energy. This sense of motion suggests the photograph is part of a larger world that exists beyond its boarders, evoking a sense of wonder and mystery. Sculptural forms of color, unique textures, and implied space lends itself to the photograph’s ability to change in perception. One can get lost in the environments that are created, interpreting them in a multitude of ways from microscopic slides of biological matter, to macrocosmic images of the cosmos.”

Laurie earned her Bachelor’s degree in art/graphic design with minors in museum studies and web/multimedia development. She recently earned her MFA degree in printmaking in 2009 from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania located near Erie, PA. Life has come full circle, as Laurie has returned as an Adjunct Instructor in Art at Ohio Northern, teaching illustration and digital photography.

While in graduate school, Laurie worked as Assistant Director for the Egress Press and Research (EPR), a fine art publishing and research component of the Printmaking Area of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania's Art Department. While there, she editioned prints for visiting artists including Tom Huck, Patricia Villalobos Echeverria, Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, and Mike Budai. In the fall of 2008, Laurie was invited to present her work and demonstrate the process of photolithography in Costa Rica at the Universidad Nacional Costa Rica and Escuela Casa del Artista.

To learn more about Laurie Godfrey's artistic process and the conceptual nature of her work, please visit

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image: Blue Torso by Laurie Godfrey