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ACS Section Meeting

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Monday, April 12, 2010

7:15 p.m. Hakes-Pierstorf 157

Ohio Northern University

"From Garbage to Stuff: How We Recycle Plastics"

Dr. William F. Carroll

Is that recycling bin the springboard to giving material a new life, or is it simply a blue wastebasket? What about surplus materials from industrial processes? Do they find their way out the back door to the landfill? This presentation discusses the four critical steps in recycling—collection, separation, reprocessing and remanufacture—and how these steps relate to plastics. The technology, the cost and the efficacy of the processes all matter. The presentation includes a primer in the basic kinds of plastics, how they differ and how they're used in common articles, especially packaging. The presenter brings a few common articles for demonstrations, and promises not to recycle an old quote from "The Graduate."

The lecture is open to students, educators, specialists and the general public interested in environmental chemistry and polymer chemistry.

To learn more, contact Amy Stockert – or 419-772-3953