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Swimming Resistance Device

Dustin Schroeder, Melissa Paradise, Justin Hiskey
Ohio Northern University

Resistance training is used by competitive swimmers to increase strength and power in their performance. The goal of this project was to design and build a new, innovative resistance trainer for competitive swimmers. The criteria and constraints for the project were set by the group members. Ohio Northern University senior capstone guidelines, knowledge from coursework, individual research, and faculty consulting were all used when designing and building the device. The designed device allows for in-water strength training, and accommodates all realms of competitive swimming. It spans the entire length of a 25 yard pool and is anchored at both ends. The trainer provides a constant resistance to the athlete while swimming the length of the pool, but allows for the intensity of the resistance to be varied between training sessions. Furthermore, it was designed to allow the athlete to swim consecutive lengths of the pool. Structurally, the design is portable and is constructed from corrosive resistant materials that withstand the constant environmental conditions encountered on a pool deck. A test plan was also developed in order to compare the designed swimming resistance device with other devices currently on the market.

ONU Student Research Colloquium