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Social Activities Influencing the Uptake of Binge Drinking in College

Rebecca Wright, Kara Fox
Ohio Northern University

Binge drinking is a common problem on most college campuses. It is defined as consuming 5 or more alcoholic beverages in a sitting for males and 4 or more for females. In a national study of college students, Wechsler found that college freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors have similar rates of binge drinking. This could be due to students establishing a drinking pattern during their first year of college and maintaining it throughout the duration of their college experience. Therefore, it is important to determine the reasons why college freshmen start binge drinking if the problem is to be controlled. In a survey of 1459 students at 4 institutions, 281 reported they started binge drinking in college. We used a Chi Square Analysis to investigate if certain social activities led to the uptake of binge drinking. We determined that religious activities were negatively related to the uptake of binge drinking and Greek life was positively related to the uptake of binge drinking.

ONU Student Research Colloquium