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The Relationship between Coping and Spiritual Well-Being in Women of Faith

Kristi Hines, Sarah Hodson
Institution if not ONU: 
Cedarville University

The research project contained in this paper is a correlational study exploring the relationship between coping styles and spiritual well-being in a selected population of women. Data was collected by a survey consisting of a short demographic questionnaire, the "Ways of Coping" questionnaire, and the "Spiritual Well-Being" survey. The collective survey was given at various churches in the Cincinnati and Dayton area to women who were involved in women's support and Bible study groups. The participants represented are women who profess some type of faith, are typically married with children, and working part time or less. Because spiritual well-being is an important component of mental health, we hypothesize that there will be a correlation between the women’s score on the spiritual well-being scale and their predominant method of coping as determined by the "Ways of Coping" questionnaire. It should also be noted that this research study was conducted within a select demographic. Because of this, we understand that the results that the study will generate will not be universally conclusive.

ONU Student Research Colloquium
Psychology and Sociology