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Ohio Northern University Engine Dynamometer

Dan Seman, Andy Marquart, TJ Wight
Ohio Northern University

The engine dynamometer at Ohio Northern University was inoperable due to an insufficient water supply to the dynamometer brake. The fluid brake requires a volumetric flowrate and pressure that was not attainable using through the city water supply. As a result a new water supply system was designed. The final system consists of a large tank, pump, and closed circuit piping. In addition to an adequate flowrate, the temperature rise of the water from the power dissipated by the dynamometer was an important consideration. For a re-circulating system the temperature of the water must not exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This was accomplished by choosing a water tank large enough to dissipate the heat through convection. The final design resulted in a water supply that is capable of supplying a sufficient resistive torque to the engine for data acquisition. By correcting this issue, an operational dynamometer can be used for lab experiments in the thermal science laboratory.

ONU Student Research Colloquium