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Business and Theatre


Katie Rumbaugh-- Add Up for Katie Rumbaugh, BSBA ’09


After Katelyn Rumbaugh graduated from The James F. Dicke College of Business Administration in 2009 with high distinction and a minor in dance, she pirouetted into another learning environment: a professional internship with CENTERSTAGE in Baltimore, Md.

Less than a year later, even before the end of the internship, she has accepted a full-time position as a staff member with the organization’s development department.

The 45-year-old CENTERSTAGE is Baltimore’s leading producing theatre company and a pioneer in regional theatre. In addition to producing innovative classic and contemporary plays, it also offers educational and community outreach. One of those educational endeavors is a professional internship program for recent college graduates.

Rumbaugh says, “I decided to participate in a professional internship because I needed a way to break into the field and this was a fantastic way to network and get a year of hands-on experience under my belt. I was also in search of the confidence I knew I needed to start by career.”

The internship has proved to be a chance to hone her professional skills in a positive environment. She says, “I realize there is still so much to learn; that is why I will never stop learning.”

At ONU, Rumbaugh says, “With wanting a career in the nonprofit performing arts, I was a bit of an abnormality in the College of Business Administration. However,” she adds, “I believe that having a BSBA has given me an incredibly solid foundation for entering the field.”

She is also pleased that “ONU allowed me to not only major in business, but to also further develop and solidify my love for the performing arts.” With a minor in dance and participation in performances at the Freed Center, she says, she found the artistic outlet she needed.

“The incredible mentorship of ONU faculty members helped me discover that I could, in fact, combine the two. To me, that is the best way ONU could ever have invested in both my professional and personal development.”

As a member of CENTERSTAGE’s development office, Rumbaugh will be involved in the fundraising process so necessary for nonprofit organizations. In addition to processing donations, she will be a main contact person for the theatre’s corporate sponsors and will have the opportunity to work with the theatre’s board members, help plan special fundraising events, author corporate grants and research new donor prospects.