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ONU to Develop Biomass Curriculum for Upper Scioto Valley Local School District

Mar 19, 2010

Ohio Northern University will develop a four-module curriculum, “Biomass as an Alternative Energy Source,” for the Upper Scioto Valley Wind/Energy Academy in McGuffy, Ohio.

The curriculum will be developed as a result of an agreement between Ohio Northern and the Upper Scioto Valley (USV) Local School District. The first module, “The Biology of Algae,” covers the basic definition of algae, where they live, and hands-on laboratory experiences such as collecting, growing and observing algae. Future modules will cover culturing, harvesting and processing algae for use as a biofuel.

The curriculum-development activity is a collaborative effort between ONU’s T.J. Smull College of Engineering, Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences, and Center for Teacher Education. A trio of ONU faculty members, Dr. Ken Reid, director of freshman engineering and associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, Dr. Robert Verb, associate professor of biology, and Dr. Debra Gallagher, assistant professor of education, will oversee the development of the curriculum.

“This agreement allows ONU to develop an innovative curriculum and provide a mechanism for working with K-12 schools in incorporating relevant topics in science and engineering into their curriculum,” said Reid.

The USV Wind/Energy Academy is a conversion community school designed to provide an innovative program of instruction on alternative energy to students residing in the USV Local School District and adjacent districts.