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Two Construction Projects Underway

Work has begun on two construction projects on the west side of the ONU campus.

Just off West Lincoln Avenue, next to the baseball field, work is beginning on an observatory for ONU’s astronomy program. The project is the final part of the Mathile Center for the Natural Sciences construction project. In addition to providing instruction and research facilities, the building will provide restrooms in the the northwest section of the campus.

Construction is to be completed by late summer.

On the west side of Klingler Road, construction of three wind turbines is beginning. A fourth is to be constructed near Ada High School.

A drilling rig is to arrive this week and will begin work on foundations for the turbines. The foundation for each turbine will be 14-feet in diameter and 18-feet deep, filled with 100 cubic yards of concrete. Construction of the foundations is expected to take three weeks.

The work site is a hard-hat area and ONU faculty, staff and students are asked to maintain a safe distance from the construction.

NexGen Energy Partners of Boulder, Colo., is partnering with ONU and Ada Exempted Village Schools for this project. Work is to be completed this summer.