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Dear Fellow Students,

As the President of our Student Senate at Ohio Northern, I would like to make a request of each of you: Fill out the census forms.

I request this of you because governments at every level from the federal government to the administration at Ohio Northern count on the data gathered through the census for a variety of projects.

You may have seen the advertisements on television and the internet about how the census data is important to your town and state, but they do not show how being counted can help YOU, a student at Ohio Northern, directly. I would like to provide you a few examples in order to make this more real for you. Did you know that when college students fill out census forms, it directly translates into establishing fair-market rent prices, changes in loan and grant programs for students, and increased (or decreased) recruitment efforts by potential employers. However, these issues will be considered less important, and thus receive less attention, for our area if there is a lower percentage of participation.

In order to help yourselves, and other Northern students, all the census asks of you is ten minutes of your time filling out a three-page form; the simplest in the history of the census.

Some people argue that filling out the census will not benefit them because they will be graduated in a few years. That is not at all true. By law, the census data has to be delivered to all governments by March 2011, meaning there will almost certainly be changes of some sort for the 2011-2012 academic year. It is up to each one of us to make those changes positive, instead of negative ones.

All of us at Ohio Northern are consumers of an education and the great majority of us, including myself, use federal and state monies of some sort in order to help pay for education now, whether that is in the form of loans or grants. Filling out and returning the census forms will ensure these programs are continued or expanded.

With all the potential benefits for you and ONU and the limited commitment required of you, it would be highly irresponsible not to fill out and return the census forms.

So when are these forms getting here? For all off-campus students, your census forms began to be mailed out today, March 15th 2010. For all on-campus students, you should be receiving your forms in your unit boxes beginning in April. Look for the other article in this issue about the census for more in-depth details about the census.



Mike Hamper

President, Student Senate