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Amphibious Human Powered Vehicle

Abe Sparling, Jason Brune, Nick Roniger, Garett Foley
Ohio Northern University

We are a senior capstone group that designed and built an amphibious human powered vehicle. The vehicle was built with a budget of $1000 and is able to make a smooth transition from land to water travel. Our design involves two people propelling a floating platform on land and in water. Our design uses bicycles and PVC pipe for the frame, chains and sprockets for land propulsion, a paddlewheel for water propulsion, and standard bicycle brakes. Flotation is accomplished with two 55-gallon plastic drums. These barrels are kept within the PVC frame and are situated to allow for balance and flotation. Current human powered vehicles are expensive and most cannot function aquatically. Due to our budget of $1000, a vehicle that is a fraction of the cost of its competitors was built. Our vehicle will be able to be used in countries where flooding, rivers, streams, and other bodies of water make travel difficult and sometimes impossible. The affordability of our vehicle will enable usage in these markets. A safe, efficient, and economical human powered amphibious vehicle was the main focus of this capstone project.

ONU Undergraduate Research Colloquium