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Creativity Award

Student’s Creative Campaign Garners ‘Toby and Ken Baker Award for Creativity’

Billions of dollars are spent every year on advertisements focused on children. Through television, the Internet and other means, today’s children constantly face the pressure of materialism – and most don’t even have bank accounts.

Micaela Nauman, a senior advertising design major from Fredericktown, Ohio, took this issue to heart. Through her persuasive design class, she decided to raise awareness of the startling materialism setting into children by developing a hypothetical campaign targeting parents. Nauman sought to call parents’ attention to the fact that the media and bombardment of ads are robbing kids of their childhood. She provocatively asks, “Is your child under the influence?”

For her detailed research and work on the campaign, Nauman received the first-ever Toby and Ken Baker Award for Creativity at this year’s juried student art exhibition, held by the Elzay Gallery of Art and ONU’s department of art and design. The honor included a certificate and a $50 cash prize.

Nauman was pleasantly shocked by the award. She says, “My project was so detailed, I didn’t think people would take the time to read it.” Her project, as a campaign with multiple parts, showed that art and design are not just about being pretty; she says her ultimate goal as a designer is “to use talent and creativity to change the world.”

Nauman’s creativity certainly shone through her solutions to a difficult issue in today’s society. Her conflict of interest as an advertising design major did not prevent her from voicing her concern with the advertising industry. With the Baker Award in tow, Nauman is already on her way to “changing the world.”

This award was established by the Bakers and will be awarded annually during the juried student art show held by the ONU department of art and design. Toby Baker, BFA ’06, says, “It’s a wonderful feeling to receive an award recognizing one’s work, and we wanted other creative and outstanding students to share that joy.” According to Toby, “The criteria for the award focuses on a creative solution to a problem, which should include all mediums, 2-D and 3-D.” The award is partially funded through sales of Toby’s glass jewelry and designs at the gift shop inside The Inn at Ohio Northern University.

Jamienne Scott

Junior, Communication Arts major from Columbus Grove, OH