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Kaleugher is U.S. Beauties’ Miss Ohio

Ashleigh KaleugherAshleigh Kaleugher, a senior in criminal justice from Hopewell Township, Pa., will be representing Ohio in the U.S. Beauties National Pageant July 9-11 in Chicago.

Kaleugher was named Miss Ohio on Jan. 24.

Kaleugher entered her first pageant, the Miss Pennsylvania competition for the Miss USA pageant, as a high school senior and found she liked the camaraderie and the chance to improve her interview skills. Since then she has chosen to enter other pageants, both large and small."This turned out to be a better experience than I ever would have imagined," she said.

In the recent competition, she says her internship with a police department was a good talking point during her interview, since U.S. Beauties focuses on "Celebrating the Success of the Modern Woman."

On campus, Kaleugher is active in her sorority and champions breast cancer awareness. After graduation she is planning to attend law school.