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Responding to the Haitian Earthquake

Jan 19, 2010

Members of the ONU family have been quick to respond to the devastation of the recent earthquake in Haiti through a number of charitable organizations. The University is encouraging students, faculty and staff to offer support through organizations already engaged in work on the island nation.

For example, a number of University family members have been sponsoring Haitian children for years through Compassion International and World Vision. A current student has an aunt and uncle who run an orphanage in Haiti, HIS Home for Children, and are currently trying to secure humanitarian evacuation for their charges.

These are just a few of the organizations already supported by ONU family members. ONU family members are asked to post information below about their participation in relief efforts.

Participants are asked to post a link to the organization they are supporting and how they are acquainted with it. This will give others an opportunity to help through established charities.

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