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Making Math Fun

Debra K. Gallagher, assistant professor of education, made two presentations at the Ohio Council for Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM) conference, Nov. 12-14, in Cincinnati .

Her presentations included “Metric Measurement is Fun” and “Fun and Games in Math.”

In the “Metric Measurement is Fun” session, a number of hands-on activities teachers can use to help students understand the metric system while having fun were introduced. These included songs, poems, and other activities to bring life to the math classroom while teaching the metric system.

“Fun and Games in Math” offered ways for students to practice math concepts using games and other activities. The emphasis was on ways to fill the last few minutes of math class with activities that are fun and educational.

Gallagher will also be presenting at the Science Education Council of Ohio (SECO) and the Ohio Middle Level Association (OMLA) in February.