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ONU HealthWise

Q. What is ONU HealthWise?

A. ONU HealthWise is designed to help our employees and their families with complicated health issues.


Q. What are the program’s goals?

A. The ONU HealthWise Disease State Management Program has four goals:

  1. Improve employee health
  2. Improve employee job satisfaction
  3. Decrease health care expenditures
  4. Provide a unique educational experience for ONU students


Q. Who is eligible to participate?

A. Due to the overwhelming success of last year's pilot program, ONU HealthWise is now open to all employees, dependents and retirees of Ohio Northern University.


Q. What will participation involve?

exerciseA. Participants will meet with nursing, exercise physiology and pharmacy faculty and students on a regular basis, typically four to eight visits per year at 15-60 minutes per visit. The program will include education on complicated health issues, development of a personalized program to increase physical activity and a thorough medication review.


Q. What about medical privacy?

A. Privacy is one of our top concerns. All students and faculty members involved in ONU HealthWise will receive privacy training.


Q. Is there a cost?

A. There is no cost to those wishing to participate in the pilot program.


Q. How are ONU students involved?

A. The ONU HealthWise program provides an excellent opportunity for students to participate with the faculty in providing education, developing the physical activity plan and reviewing medications. Students will be supervised at all times, and those uncomfortable with student involvement will be afforded the opportunity to work exclusively with faculty.


Q. How can I learn more?

A. Contact Michael Rush PharmD, CDE, at  or ext. 3933 for more information.