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Jean-Marie Kamatali Travels to Rwanda

From Sept. 19 to Oct. 10, Jean-Marie Kamatali, visiting assistant professor of law and assistant director of the democratic governance and rule of law LL.M. program, traveled to Rwanda to do a Capacity and Training Needs Assessments for the Rwandan justice sector. This is a Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)-funded project, managed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Jean-Marie KamataliThe Rwanda Justice Sector Capacity and Training Needs Assessment is part of a larger effort to assist the government of Rwanda as it consolidates and builds its justice system.
At the technical level, the assessment seeks to inform and support the implementation of the justice sector capacity building project and to positively impact Rwanda's Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) political rights, voice and accountability and civil liberties indicators.

The assessment also supports the larger goal of assisting the government of Rwanda to strengthen the professionalism, accountability and independence of its justice sector actors and to ensure good governance, access to justice and respect for human rights. In furtherance of this goal, the assessment examines the current competencies of key members of the justice sector (judges, prosecutors, attorneys, court staff, etc.) and measures them against desired knowledge, skills and abilities. It then suggests training and other priorities for each target group that may be used in strategies to address the identified needs.