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Work Study

There are many opportunities open to Veterans on campus to earn while you learn.  Typically, work study positions fall into two categories:  VA work study and ONU work study.

 VA Work Study

Any veteran student that is a ¾ time student or full time student can earn money through the VA by becoming involved in the VA work study allowance program.  For more information not listed on this website, please visit the official VA website located at the following URL:

 Who is eligible? 

Any student that draws any of the benefits mentioned on this website is eligible for the VA work study allowance program.  Eligibility does not mean that a veteran student is guaranteed a work study position.  The VA will select from eligible students based on the following factors: 


  • Disability of the veteran student or lack of disability
  • Ability of student to complete work study contract before the end of his or her eligibility to educational benefits through the VA
  • Job availability within normal commuting distance to the student
  • The VA will give the highest priority to a veteran who has a service-connected disability or disabilities rated by the VA at 30% or more

 How do I apply? 

Any student may apply to this program by either directly contacting a VA representative or by following the link here to directly download a copy of the application required.  To directly contact the VA, call them at 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) or for any further questions regarding VA work study, visit their website at  After completing the forms required, veteran students may turn in application to the ONU Financial Aid office.

 ONU Work Study

Numerous opportunities for work study exist on campus.  For more information about ONU Work Study, visit the Office of Financial Aid.