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Dr. Kathryn Cowles

Assistant Professor of English
Department of English
Dukes Memorial 119
525 S. Main Street
Ada, OH 45810

Professional Experience: 
  • Teaching:

Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing - Ohio Northern University, 2009-present; Teaching Fellow, Snow-Neff Fellow, Teaching Assistant - University of Utah English Department, 2001-2009; Instructor and Writing Consultant - University of Utah College of Engineering, 2008-2009; Instructor - University of Utah Gender Studies Program (2002, 2008-9)

  • Publications:

Poetry Editor, Quarterly West (2004-6, 2007-8); Editor in Chief, Red Magazine (1999-2001)

  • ONU Faculty Advisor:

Polaris: An Undergraduate Journal of Creative Writing and Art (2009-present); Ceridwen (2009-present); ONU Creative Writing Group (aka DOOKS) (2009-present)


Ph.D., English and Creative Writing (University of Utah); M.A., British and American Literature (University of Utah); B.A., English and Mass Communications/Print Journalism (University of Utah)

Teaching Interests: 

Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction Creative Writing; Modernist Poetry; Contemporary Poetry; Early 20th Century European Avant-garde; Harlem Renaissance; Gender Studies; Literary Theory (especially Post-Structuralism; Feminist Psychoanalysis)


Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award - ONU English Department (2009-10); 2009 Academy of American Poets Larry Levis Poetry Prize, selected by Cole Swenson; Best Poetry Book Prize - Salt Lake City Weekly (2009); 2009 Graduate Research Award (UU); Dorothy Brunsman Poetry Book Prize (2008); Distinguished Teaching Award, student nominated (UU, 2008); 2006 Reza Ali Khazeni Study Abroad Fellowship; Snow-Angleman Scholarship (UU, 1997-2001)

Research Interests: 

In addition to above Teaching Interests, Art History; the Epic; Cities with contemporary ruins (Detroit, Las Vegas)

Selected Publications: 
  • Book:

Eleanor, Eleanor, Not Your Real Name, Bear Star Press (2008). Order here.

  • Recent journal publications:

Word for/Word  - “Guidebook,” “Transcript” (“[Second bird]:--------- ”), “[can’t catch],” “[wave not wave].” Read here.

Flatmancrooked’s Slim Volume of Contemporary Poetics - “For example,” “Postcard,” “Three poems called the basil,” Two poems called transcript,” “I am wearing a pinkish shirt”

Forklift: Ohio - “Recipe” (“have Sue shoot the deer if you can’t shoot the deer”), “Recipe” (“goat cheese does not taste like goat smell”)

Interim - “Holy blue roof,” “Fieldguide,” “[Map],” “[Map],” “[silo shade]”

Versal - “Transcript” (“table salt”)

Colorado Review - “Transcript” (“The two birdies on the left”), “Map” (“If you want to catch”), “Toast”

Pleiades - “Interview”

Octopus Magazine - “Gentle Reader-Realist: Recuperative Violence in Howe’s The Midnight