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Youth Ministry

Anna Barrett
Anna Barrett - Upper Sandusky, OH
Youth ministry major

  • Internship with the youth of First United Methodist Church in Ada, OH
  • Elected as a delegate to the 2008 general and jurisdictional national conferences of the United Methodist Church.

Ohio Northern University offers a major in youth ministry that is designed in consultation and in cooperation with the West Ohio Conference and approved by the General Board of Higher Education & Ministry to meet the academic requirements of the UMC for undergraduate professional certification in youth ministry.

The program provides an ecumenical approach to study and scholarly methods of research and discovery. Internship settings include local congregations, church camps or mission trips.

For more information:
Department of Philosophy and Religion
Raymond R. Person, Jr.

Special Visit Days: October 8 & 20
The Office of Admissions

Course Requirements

The following courses are requirements for the youth ministry major.

  • RELG 105: Religion in Human Life or RELG 107: Religions East and West
  • RELG 109: Old Testament or RELG 110: New Testament (Plus two additional courses in biblical studies)
  • RELG 225: Philosophy of Religion
  • RELG 263: Christian Ethics
  • RELG 310: Early Christian Thought
  • RELG 311: Medieval and Reformation Thought
  • RELG 312: Modern Christian Thought
  • RELG 241: Islam and Christianity or RELG 264: Buddhism
  • RELG 481: Religion Senior Essay or RELG 484: Religion Senior Honors Essay
  • YMIN 253: Youth Ministry Settings and Issues
  • YMIN 453: Principles of Christian Education
  • YMIN 410: Youth Ministry Internship (4 hrs.)

Required Cognates:

  • PSYC 100: Psychology
  • SOC 105: Sociology
  • EDUC 224: Young and Late Adolescent Psychology or PSYC 215: Developmental Psychology
  • ENGL 225: Children's and Young Adult Literature
  • SOC 240: Marriage and Family


Total hours for major: 76 (RELG and YMIN: 56; cognate hours:20)

Note: Youth ministry majors are also required to

  • Spend at least 125 hours in supervised internships in youth ministry in various settings
  • Provide leadership in the ONU chapel program
  • Take part in activities for spiritual growth, such as Chrysalis or another servant leadership group