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The Price is Right

This summer, when Cara Schroeder was called to “Come on down,” one of her lifelong dreams was realized. As a little girl, she grew up watching “The Price is Right” on CBS. Schroeder’s grandmother Marilyn Siebeneck would always tell her, “When you turn 18, we’re going to Los Angeles to get on that show.” Schroeder never imagined that it would really happen; but it did.

One of television’s longest-running game shows, “The Price is Right” is based on the pricing of merchandise and grocery products to win cash and prizes. It has an ecstatic, over-the-top, almost cult-like following. A primary draw of the show is that anyone in the studio audience can be a contestant. According to Schroeder, however, the application process is exhausting and requires a dedicated individual.

Schroeder, a sophomore in biology from Sidney, Ohio, and her grandmother flew to Los Angeles where the show is taped. They checked into a hotel across the street from CBS Studios and lined up at 4:30 a.m. on the day of the taping to receive an “order of arrival” card, which secures a place in line when the contestant interviews begin later in the morning.

During these interviews, 15 people at a time are ushered into the studio to briefly talk with a producer. Schroeder was asked where she was from and why she should be picked as a contestant. She tried to be very excitable during the interview because she knew they were looking for “a bubbly winner, someone who would be fun to watch.”

After the interviews, the 320 audience members moved into the studio to prepare for taping. The host, Drew Carey, interacts with the audience and pumps them up with excitement while they find their seats. Next, all the lights turn on, the cameras start rolling, the theme song blares and the show begins. The selected contestants do not know they are chosen until they are called down during the show. So, when Carey called out Schroeder’s name and the crowd went wild, Schroeder and her grandmother were both “absolutely shocked and surprised.” She bounded down to the stage in her Ohio Northern University shirt, prepared for a dream to come true.

Under contract with CBS, Schroeder cannot talk about the results of her appearance until the show airs. But she encourages everyone that it is “worth watching.” Tune in to CBS on Nov. 12 at 11 a.m. to see what happens!

Jamienne Scott Junior communication arts major from Columbus Grove, Ohio


Cara won the grand showcase, including a trip to Nice on the French Riviera! She, her mother and younger sister plan to make the trip next summer while her father and brother are on a cross-country bike trip. “I’ve been on cloud nine since Aug. 12 when it happened. Unbelievable!” she says