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Student Bar Association Hosts Race Judicata

At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 8, 33 law students, faculty members and families met in the rain for the return of the Student Bar Association's (SBA) annual Race Judicata at Ohio Northern University.

The race ran just over a mile and a half around the perimeter of the Green Monster and was open to all ages as well as pets.

Seth Martin, second-year law student, came in first place overall and received a gold medal and the Rob Trybek Memorial Cup. Third-year law student Jennifer Cianciolo took first place in the Women's Division. Cynthia Klingler, senior administrative assistant for the Pettit College of Law, won gold in the Faculty-Staff Division.

The Race Judicata began over a decade ago when professor Kevin Hill challenged one of his students to a race. SBA soon adopted it as an annual tradition. According to John Fenz, vice president of SBA, while SBA has not held the race for several years, they intend to bring it back as a yearly event for the law-school community.

"Statistically speaking, lawyers as a profession are one of the least healthy and most depressed," said Fenz. "In my role in the Student Bar Association this year, I am taking steps to promote health among the students so they will bring it into their professional life." He added, "The healthy lawyer is a better lawyer."

Later Thursday evening, participants of the 2009 Race Judicata met for a post-race party and bonfire, where awards were given to the top finishers in each division.

The official results are as follows: Race Judicata

Women's Division
1. Jennifer Cianciolo
2. Karrie Pratt
3. Sarah Webster

Men's Division
1. Seth Martin
2. Ross Miltner
3. Matt Ward

Cynthia Klingler

Brian Hohmeier, senior creative writing major from New Royalton, Ohio