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True North Lives

What is True North? It is a concept that combines the common navigational term “true north” with the idea of a special journey. It is a promise about what is true about Ohio Northern. ONU is one of the few private comprehensive universities to offer a distinctive blend of quality liberal arts and professional programs. Start your journey here!

MicaelaMicaela Nauman
Senior, Advertising Design Major
High School: Sparta Highland High School
Hometown: Fredericktown, OH

What led you to ONU?
Prior to attending ONU, I had a sister who went to school at Ohio Northern. While visiting her and during my college visits, I fell in love with the campus and the community. I was looking for a school that I knew provided a well-rounded education and fulfilled my desire to further my volleyball career. Ohio Northern was the best match. I had always enjoyed art, but had never really considered spending the rest of my life creating it. After exploring what the design program at Ohio Northern had to offer, I felt it was exactly what I was looking for and I knew it was the perfect fit for me to spend four of the most important years of my life.

Why did you decide to attend ONU?
Choosing to attend Ohio Northern has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was unsure of my abilities as both an artist and a designer because of my lack of experience in art prior to college. But my interest in it led me to take a chance, and now that I’m three years into pursuing my degree, I’ve realized how truly passionate and driven I am towards design. The entire department, especially the professors, has made my experience very rewarding and has truly helped mold me into the designer I am. The small community atmosphere and the friendship the entire department shares kept me from the intimidation factor I would have encountered at a bigger, specialized art school, and I believe that has truly helped me to be successful.

Any personal discoveries while at ONU?
A few things I’ve discovered about myself while at ONU are my abilities to manage my time, my attention to detail, and my drive to focus for countless hours when I’m working on something I’m passionate about. Having the opportunity to play for a very demanding volleyball program for two years was very influential in forcing me to learn to manage academics, class projects, practice and games, and still finding time to maintain meaningful relationships with family and friends. It was tough. But, now that injury has led me to give-up volleyball, I’ve only grown to be more focused on design which has been the best opportunity in the long run. The variety of classes offered through the art & design department has given me a well-rounded appreciation of all the facets of art and design. With each project, I only become more detail-oriented as my skills continue to grow. The projects are very demanding. To truly create the best work, many hours are required to complete projects, as well as the ability to stay focused for hours on end. While pulling all-nighters doesn’t sound like much fun, I don’t think our department would have it any other way because of the fun we have and how some of the best creativity evolves in the wee hours of the morning.