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Third Annual Sigma Phi Epsilon Golf Outing

1:00 p.m., Registration and lunch; 2:00 p.m., Tee off

 Date: Aug. 1, 2009

Place: Colonial Golfers Club

Join the 18-hole scramble with teams of active Sigma Phi Epsilon members and alumni. Players may form their own four-member teams or be placed in a group of other alumni.

Following the outing, everyone is invited to the Sig Ep house at ONU for a barbecue and distribution of prizes and awards. There will also be raffles for signed OSU items! Beverages will be provided throughout the day and are included in the $75 per person registration fee.

Advance registration is required.

Ryan Griffin, president 740-475-8825

Jim Kornaus, alumni chair 630-824-8898